Corona’s Water Sector Economists Embark on a New Project with The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation

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Corona’s Water Sector Economists to Embark on a New Project with The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation

November 1st, 2017

LOUISVILLE, CO – Corona’s Water Sector Economics Team was recently awarded a contract by The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) for a project entitled Framework and Tools for Quantifying Green Infrastructure Co-Benefits and Linking with Triple Bottom Line Analysis. As part of this project, our team will develop a triple bottom line cost-benefit approach to evaluate the financial, social, and environmental benefits of using green infrastructure in stormwater management. The project will include several utilities across North America and is expected to be completed in 2019.

About our water sector economists:

Robert Raucher, PhD, (Director of Water Economics) specializes in economics, risk management, and strategic planning, especially as they relate to water supply planning, regulatory policy, infrastructure-related risks and utility management strategies, water quality, and decision-making in response to climate change and other uncertainties. Bob provides more than 35 years of experience in a diverse array of professional activities, including benefit-cost, triple bottom line, and business case evaluations of water programs, policies, and planning priorities.

Janet Clements (Senior Economist) is a noted economic expert in the water sector, specifically in the fields of integrated water resource management, water supply planning, green infrastructure, and affordability of water and wastewater services. She also works on climate vulnerability and adaptation planning in relation to water resources, and has extensive experience analyzing water use and trends across sectors.

James Henderson (Senior Water Resources Economist) has 20 years of experience assisting utilities and governmental clients with water-related issues, including buried infrastructure (pipe) and other asset management, green infrastructure and stormwater management, source water protection economics, chemical treatment sustainability planning, water demand analysis and conservation, water reuse planning and implementation, water supply reliability values, and climate change vulnerability assessments and adaptation strategies for water resource management.

Karen Raucher (Senior Policy and Communication Strategist) has extensive experience communicating risks and nonmarket values. She has spent over thirty years helping water authorities make informed decisions issues in response to water supply- and quality-related issues and the impacts of climate change on water resources.

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