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Corona Featured in the Summer 2018 Edition of Source Magazine

Corona is proud to share that the work of our Colorado team has been twice-featured in the Summer 2018 edition of the California-Nevada AWWA's publication 'Source'. The magazine features an article by Corona's Sarah Plummer titled Women in Water: A Millenial Takes a Look, which highlights women who have held prominent roles in the water industry in California and Nevada and provides advice for young women looking to build their careers in the water industry. In the same edition, Steve Bigley's article The Cr6 Saga Continues at Coachella Valley features our exciting work with Coachella Valley Water District to demonstrate the effectiveness and implications of using stannous chloride as an alternative chromium VI reductant. Click the title above to read the full articles!

American Rivers Features Partnership with Corona and the Water Environment Federation Established to Explore Opportunities for Private Sector Green Infrastructure Financing

Since 2015, Corona Environmental Consulting has worked with American Rivers and the Water Environment Federation to explore opportunities for private market financing and construction of green infrastructure for stormwater management in Great Lakes cities. This partnership has continued through 2018, with the development of a stormwater “bank” in Grand Rapids, Michigan and optimization of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s green infrastructure grant program to leverage private capital in the Cleveland region. Through this work, the team hopes to establish guidelines that will assist other municipalities seeking to leverage private capital to meet their stormwater reduction and urban water management goals. Thanks to American Rivers for their continued partnership and for featuring our shared work on their website! Click the title above to read more.

Water Research Foundation (WRF) Publishes New Study Examining the Effect of Pre-Oxidation on Disinfection Byproduct Removal

We are proud to announce that the results of a two-year Water Research Foundation study done by Corona, in partnership with the cities of Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ and Calgon Carbon have been published! Through this study, titled "Pre-Oxidation Prior to GAC Treatment to Control DBPs (4607)", the research team investigated the effects of pre-oxidation on disinfection byproduct (DBP) formation and adsorption of organics onto granular activated carbon (GAC) filters. They also analyzed the potential for chlorine to react with organics adsorbed on GAC to form DBPs if water with chlorine residual enters the GAC adsorber. Click the title above to read more about this study on the Water Research Foundation website and access a video summarizing the research.

Corona Partners with Water Utilities to Examine Corrosion Control Methods for Minimizing Lead Contamination of Drinking Water

Corona's Tarrah Henrie and Kyle Shimabuku published an article in partnership with HDR Inc., Louisville Water Company, Denver Water, and Pasadena Water and Power in the May 2018 edition of the American Water Works Association’s publication Opflow. Their article, "Utilities Lead the Way in Lead Corrosion Control", examines a variety of corrosion control treatments - including pH and alkalinity adjustment, corrosion inhibitors, and other approaches - that water utilities may implement to minimize lead contamination of drinking water. Click the link above to access the full article!

Corona’s Hexavalent Chromium Experts Featured in the International Water Association’s Publication Water Research

Corona's Sarah Plummer, Craig Gorman, Tarrah Henrie, and Chad Seidel have published an article in the August 2018 edition of the International Water Association’s publication Water Research. Their article, "Optimization of Strong-Base Anion Exchange O&M Costs for Hexavalent Chromium Treatment", examines the ability of emerging and established brine treatment and reuse techniques, as well as recently developed resins, to decrease operational and management (O&M) costs. Click to read more!

Corona’s Water Sector Economists to Embark on a New Project with The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation

Corona's Water Sector Economists will use triple bottom line analysis to evaluate the use of green infrastructure in stormwater management. Click to read more!

Corona’s Chad Seidel and Carleigh Samson Featured in the Journal of the AWWA

Corona's Chad Seidel and Carleigh Samson are featured authors in the July 2017 edition of the Journal of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) for their research on HAA9 occurrence and THM, HAA speciation in the United States. Click to read more!

Corona ACE ’17 Speakers Announced

Click here for a schedule of our speakers featured at the upcoming conference.

Marco and Jennifer Aieta Expand Corona Environmental Consulting’s Engineering Expertise

New Hires in Colorado to Head Corona Engineering Department

Water Process Scientist Tarrah Henrie featured in Journal of the American Water Works for Research on Cyanotoxins

Check out her article, Occurrence and State Approaches for Addressing Cyanotoxins in US Drinking Water in the Journal of the AWWA. Link below!

Corona Environmental Consulting Expands with New Water Economics Team

Bob Raucher, Jim Henderson, Janet Clements, and Karen Raucher to Join Corona Environmental Consulting

Corona Environmental Consulting Announces Leadership Transition

Chad Seidel to take over as Managing Partner and President

Corona Team Featured on WaterOnline.com for Hexavalent Chromium Treatment Using Strong Base Anion Exchange in California's Soquel Creek Water District

In collaboration with the Soquel Creek Water District, members of the Corona team helped to conduct bench- and pilot-scale tests demonstrating the effectiveness of strong base ion exchange in achieving hexavalent chromium compliance. Various methods for brine management we also evaluated. Direct brine reuse was found to be a feasible option based on pilot-scale testing results. More notable, however, is that ferrous sulfate was found to be a promising chromium VI reductant.

Corona’s Chromium VI Team Featured in the Journal of the AWWA

Corona's Chad Seidel and Craig Gorman are featured authors in the September 2016 edition of the Journal of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) for their work with hexavalent chromium in California. Click to read more!

Corona Opens New Laboratory and Offices in Philadelphia

Corona continues rapid growth, establishes new facilities to meet increasing demand for expertise in water testing and analysis services and building water quality management.

March 1st, 2016 – Corona Environmental Consulting Awarded GSA Schedule 70 IT Contract

Rockland, MA — CORONA ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING, LLC., a certified small business offering services in information technology, environmental science & engineering, geospatial information and program management in the environmental and drinking water industry, announced today that it is now listed on the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) IT Schedule 70, a list of vendors pre-authorized to provide federal agencies with information technology equipment, software, and services.

Corona Partners with California Water Service and City of Watsonville to Meet New Chromium-6 Standards

In light of new State of California requirements for hexavalent chromium concentration in drinking water, California Water Service and the City of Watsonville have partnered with Corona Environmental Consulting to address hexavalent chromium compliance.  Read more in a recent article in the Californian.

Read the full story in the Californian.

American Water Launches Innovative Partnership with Corona Environmental Consulting to Provide Real-Time Monitoring of Water Systems

American Water (NYSE: AWK), the nation’s largest publicly traded water and wastewater utility company, announced on January 6th, 2016 that it has formed a partnership with Corona Environmental Consulting to develop a cloud-based geographic information system software platform known as WaterSuite™. This partnership is a result of American Water’s Innovation Development Process, which drives innovation and supports the development of new products.

Read the full story on BusinessWire.com


Corona Hatches ProcStep

Corona recently announced the creation of its sister company, ProcStep, which will service as a software and technology hub for our consulting business. In recognition of the potential of technology, Corona Environmental Consulting was built on a foundation of equal parts science, engineering, and IT expertise. By putting innovative technologies to use, we increase our ability as consultants to provide our clients with higher-quality analyses and reporting. Through ProcStep, we plan to provide the IT component of our company with the focus it needs to drive innovation and ultimately create better tools for our team and for our clients.

In partnership with Corona Environmental Consulting, California Water Unveils New Chromium-6 Treatment Plant in Dixon

In partnership with Corona Environmental Consulting and Ionex SG, California Water is achieving Chromium-6 compliance at 15% -or less- of the cost and 1/4 of the waste of its competitors. Read the full story here.

Corona President Highlighted in AWWA's First Donor Spotlight

Corona president Jeffrey Rosen was featured in the AWWA’s Fall 2015 Donor Spotlight for his donation to the Water Equation Campaign.

The American Water Works Association’s Water Equation Campaign recognizes people as a key factor in providing safe and reliable drinking water. Through the campaign, the AWWA invests in the education and professional development of the next generation of experts and innovators in the water-related fields, and offers technical and engineering expertise to communities with aged and inadequate water infrastructure in the United States and abroad. Corona Environmental Consulting is proud to support the AWWA in this campaign.