About Us

Corona’s extensive experience with challenging water treatment process issues has developed our team’s expertise in finding appropriate treatment process solutions for each unique situation. At a time when it is imperative to keep water rates affordable, the costs of water treatment chemicals, equipment, and construction have continued to increase. In response to this challenge, the Corona team focuses on understanding the chemistry and physics behind the water treatment process to be able to identify the optimal solution for each unique system we work with. We thoroughly investigate whole system functioning by looking upstream and downstream of a problem to identify the best solutions and to be aware of unintended consequences. We begin each project by defining how success will be measured rather than only focusing on the problem. This allows us to meet client expectations based on client priorities. For instance, how do you define optimized? For some it might be the lowest cost, for others it may be maximum treatment, and yet others may think it is a blend between the two. Your definition might be completely different and that is where we want to start.

Our services include:

  • Innovative water quality and treatment solutions
  • Operations optimization and facility master planning
  • Robust support for water resource planning and management, source water protection and environmental management
  • Benefit-cost and triple-bottom-line analysis evaluating the economic, social, and environmental implications of water-related projects and programs
  • Information technology and GIS evaluation and implementation planning
  • Stakeholder engagement, collaborative decision-making, strategic communications, and training

The Corona Approach

Corona Environmental Consulting, LLC is a small firm, founded by visionary engineers and scientists who believe it is essential to approach each water utility challenge with fresh eyes, a curious mind and a passion for finding optimized and unbiased solutions to meet the client’s unique needs and expectations.

What We Mean by Unbiased

We don’t do it all – in fact, we don’t want to. We do not specialize in full design services, which means we will optimize the infrastructure you have already invested in if possible, rather than pushing for the design of new capital facilities. The right solution is the one that works best for our clients’ needs and their bottom line.

The Corona Team

Our team is comprised of nationally recognized experts in data science, process engineering, water resources, water economics, strategic communications and utility information technology. Our data scientists and process engineers conduct cutting-edge research resulting in practically applied solutions.