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Feb 10 10:14 AM MST

Multi-State Source Water Threat Inventory: Analysis of High-Risk Threats and Critical Data Gaps

An EPA analysis identifies high-risk source water contaminant threats and critical data gaps in nine states. Each system’s threat profile includes occurrence data, storage volume, proximity to a drinking water source and health hazard ratings.
Speakers: Emily Smith


Feb 10 10:40 AM MST

Identifying Potential PFAS Sources to Meet the Challenges of a Changing Regulatory Environment

This presentation will summarize a practical approach for identifying PFAS sources and discuss ways in which this approach has been implemented by utilities and regional water partnerships in Metropolitan Washington. Utilities interested in better understanding PFAS threats in their source waters will learn about a viable and comprehensive method put into practice by multiple water utilities and key data sources for identifying significant potential PFAS threats.
Speakers: Jennifer BenjaminSteven BieberGregory Prelewicz
Co-Authors: Margaret Kearns, Niffy Saji

We are also working on these projects that are being presented by our partners:

10:00 AM MST

National Occurrence of Spills Near Drinking Water Sources and Considerations for Risk Assessments and Emergency Response Planning

A national analysis of releases to drinking water sources provides insight into the risk of contamination, including recommendations for incident preparation with potential source inventories, spill notification protocols and response plans.
Speakers: Steven Allgeier

10:28 AM MST

Assessing Source Water Risks for New Hampshire’s Surface Water Systems

The NH DES’ developed updated source water assessments with a new risk index approach. The results will be used to understand acute threats and inform program planning, storage tank permitting, new source applications and AWIA compliance.
Speakers: Pierce Rigrod

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