The Corona Team

Our Leadership

Louisville, CO

Dr. Chad Seidel is the President of Corona. He has enjoyed working with the water sector for nearly two decades providing innovative solutions to water quality and treatment challenges across the country.

Office: 303-544-2161 X 123

Chad Seidel, Ph.D., P.E.

Rockland, MA

Mr. Ergul is the Vice President of Corona.  Ayhan brings nearly two decades of experience delivering information technology solutions in an environmental context to clients at municipal, state and federal level.

Office:781-753-6666 X 404

Ayhan Ergul
Vice President

Rockland, MA

Mr. Rosen is the CEO of Corona.  Jeff provides expertise in research, information management, data analysis, and statistics to support environmental decision making and resource management.

Office:  781-753-6666 X 654

Jeffrey Rosen
Chief Executive Officer

Water Quality and Engineering Team

Louisville, CO

Craig has over 15 years of experience as a consulting engineer specializing in advanced water treatment and bench and pilot scale testing.

303-544-2161 X 403

Craig Gorman, P.E.
Sr. Water Process Engineer

Fremont, CA

Tarrah is a water process scientist with over 14 years of experience solving drinking water contaminant and regulatory compliance challenges.

781-753-6666 X 666

Tarrah Henrie
Sr. Environmental Scientist

Louisville, CO

Chris has over 15 years of professional engineering experience in advanced water treatment processes and distribution system water quality.

303-544-2161 X 451

Chris Corwin, Ph.D., P.E.
Sr. Water Process Engineer

Gonzales, LA

Jake is a professional engineering with more that 15 years of combined experience in the process engineering and permitting and compliance assistance.

781-753-6666 X 117

Jake Causey, P.E.
Sr. Water Process Engineer

Lewisville, TX

Amlan has over 17 years of experience as a consulting engineer specializing in advanced water treatment, distribution system water quality, and pilot scale testing.

781-753-6666 X 421

Amlan Ghosh, Ph.D., P.E.
Sr. Water Process Engineer

Louisville, CO

Carleigh is a Ph.D. with experience focused on source water quality, water treatment process engineering, disinfection by-product formation and statistical modeling.

303-544-2161 X 412

Carleigh Samson, Ph.D.
Water Process Engineer

Philadelphia, PA

Sheldon has over 10 years of experience conducting applied research and consulting focused on water treatment and distribution system water quality.

781-753-6666 X 416

Sheldon Masters, Ph.D.
Environmental Engineer

Louisville, CO

Sierra has an MS in Environmental Engineering and has experience in water quality analysis, water treatment pilot operation, data analysis and process design.

303-544-2161 X 449

Sierra Johnson
Water Process Engineer

Louisville, CO

Brittany has a MASc in Civil and Resource Engineering and has experience in water quality analysis, water treatment pilot operation, data analysis and process design.

303-544-2161 X 423

Brittany Gregory
Water Process Engineer

Louisville, CO

Nathan has a MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Colorado and has experience in treatment process design and water quality management.


Nathan MacArthur
Water Process Engineer

Water Sector Economics, Planning, Management & Communications

Louisville, CO

Janet has more than 15 years of experience in water resource planning & economics, specializing in integrated resource management and economic impact analysis.

303-544-2161 X 446

Janet Clements
Water Sector Economics Director

Louisville, CO

Jim has more than 20 years of experience as a natural resource economist specializing in long-range integrated planning, economic analysis, and asset management.

303-544-2161 X 445

Jim Henderson
Senior Economist

Louisville, CO

Shonnie has over 18 years of experience in utility management specializing in customer communication and stakeholder collaboration.

303-544-2161 X 217

Shonnie Cline
Management &
Communications Strategist

Louisville, CO

Claire has a Master’s Degree in Natural Resource Economics from Colorado State University and brings experience in applied research, reporting and data analytics.

303-544-2161 x 447

Claire Sheridan

Source Water Management

Rockland, MA

Margaret manages the water resource team, supporting source water protection,  software development, decision tools, regulatory analysis and GIS efforts.

781-753-6666 X 414

Margaret Kearns
Sr. Environmental Scientist

Rockland, MA

Jennifer provides data management and analytical support, training, and outreach materials to support water utility source water protection programs.

781-753-6666 X 419

Jennifer Benjamin
Data Analyst

Rockland, MA

As a Project Manager and Chemical Engineer, Emily oversees the WaterSuite contaminant database and supports source water, process engineering and research projects.

781-753-6666 X 413

Emily Smith
Data Analyst

Rockland, MA

Adam is a GIS analyst, analyzing spatial data sets utilizing mapping software, and is WaterSuite’s back-end developer, focused on the database and scripts.

781-753-6666 X 413

Adam McKeagney
Data Analyst

Geospatial, Data and Information Management

San Diego, CA

Tod is Corona’s program manager for SanGIS, San Diego
Geographic Information Source, a joint powers authority between the City and County of San Diego.


Tod Chee
SanGIS Program Manager

Rockland, MA

Jessica has over 17 years of experience using and implementing geographic information systems software for a variety of clients.

781-753-6666 X 422

Jessica Zichichi
Sr. GIS Analyst

Rockland, MA

Jon is responsible for the design, implementation, and management of all internal networks and WiFi environments for Corona offices nationwide.

781-753-6666 X 431

Jon Janezic
Business Systems and IT Manager

Corona Business Operations

Rockland, MA

Annemarie had been with Corona from the very beginning, providing oversight and management of accounting, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

781-753-6666 X 100

Annemarie Naughton

Rockland, MA

Denise has been with the Corona since 2015 serving as the Office and Accounting Controller.

781-753-6666 X 409

Denise McDonough

Louisville, CO

Karen is the Office Administrator and Project Controls Coordinator in Corona’s Colorado office.

303-544-2161 X 444   

Karen Hada
Office Administrator/Project Controls