Laboratory Services

Water Quality and Treatment Process Testing Capabilities 

Corona operates a water quality and treatment process laboratory at our Louisville, Colorado location. 

Rapid Small-Scale Column Tests (RSSCTs)
Jar Testing


Rapid Small-Scale Column Tests (RSSCTs)

RSSCTs are small-scale models of a full-scale GAC column. They require much less time and water than a full- or pilot-scale column and can be used to determine predicted breakthrough of some compounds and compare performance of different GAC types.

Corona can operate up to 4 simultaneous RSSCTs with up to two EBCTs each. RSSCTs can be designed with either the constant or proportional diffusivity method.

Jar Testing

Used to simulate coagulation/flocculation to optimize chemical doses and compare chemical products.  Have used them to test coagulants and polymers for DBP precursor removal and with PAC to evaluate MIB and geosmin removal.

Isotherm Testing

Used to evaluate the adsorption of a compound onto a media (the distribution of a molecule between the solid and liquid phases).

Corrosion Coupon Testing

Corrosion coupons are used to compare relative rates of corrosion within a distribution system under various corrosion control strategies.  Lead and Copper Rule Optimal Corrosion Control Treatment efforts often require this type of immersion testing.

Simulated Distribution System (SDS) Testing

Used to estimate disinfectant residual decay in the distribution system as a function of hydraulic residence time.  Is also used to evaluate DBP formation in the distribution system.

Breakpoint Chlorination Testing

Used to determine approximate dose and the reaction time required to achieve breakpoint chlorination for ammonia removal.

Flow Through Columns

Used to simulate filter, adsorption, or ion exchange media operation at pilot scale.  Can be used to evaluate compound removal or compare media types.

Specialty Equipment

Multi Parameter Instruments

  • HACH DR 6000
  • HACH DR 900
  • HACHSL 1000

Meters and Probes

  • HACH 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter
  • Thermo Scientific Orion Star A200 pH/Temperature Benchtop Meter
  • Dissolved oxygen meters
  • ORP probe

Testing Equipment

  • Jar Tester
  • RSSCT column
  • Intuitech column panels (flow through columns)
  • Rotometers & digital flow meter
  • Analytical balance
  • Vacuum Pumps and filter apparatuses
  • Digital Thermostatic Water Bath
  • #100 and # 200 Standard sieve
  • Vacuum Desiccator

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