Geospatial, Data and Information Management

IT, GIS, and Data Architecture Specific to the Water Sector

Our team specializes in developing integrated information systems to help clients gain more knowledge and insights for decision-making and improved operational efficiency.

Data Management and Information Systems

Gainesville Department of Water Resources, GA: Data Requirements Analysis and Needs Assessment

Corona worked with Gainesville Department of Water Resources (DWR) to develop a comprehensive understanding of the data that they collect and use to support their daily operations and identify opportunities to manage, use, and communicate those data more effectively. The effort resulted in the identification of several short-term, medium-term and long-term initiatives that are expected to help dramatically streamline and improve DWR’s data and information management systems and communications. Through enacting these initiatives, DWR hopes to act as a pioneer in a trend toward more data-driven approaches in the drinking water, wastewater and stormwater industries. This effort was the first step in the development of a data governance framework that connects DWR’s core business needs with standardized data management protocols, terminology and technologies across the organizational hierarchy.

Federal Government

EPA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program and Policy Development

Corona personnel are supporting the U.S. EPA in the development of their agency-wide UAS program, which has included the creation of a national EPA UAS policy and UAS website, as well as support for the formation of an EPA UAS Community of Practice (CoP), development of UAS communications materials, and production of an EPA UAS User Guide.  Using UAS technology for data collection is a relatively new capability for EPA. As with any new technology, guidance, standards, and processes for UAS data collection practices are evolving while EPA works toward operationalizing the use of UAS at the agency.  The goal of the EPA UAS program is to create a framework through which EPA Regions, Program offices and grant recipients can take advantage of UAS technology to protect human health and the environment. This technology will allow EPA to meet its mission goals with additional data collection capabilities while increasing safety, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Corona personnel have supported the EPA in the development of the policy through a collaborative effort with EPA Regions, Programs and subject matter experts.  Our team has worked together with EPA personnel to develop the policy, respond to comments, update and edit the draft, and finalize content.  Our team has also been responsible for the development of the EPA UAS website (internal only) while also creating related materials such as a UAS Handbook, fact sheet and briefings.  Our team also assists EPA in overseeing and conducting UAS CoP meetings on a regular basis.